HP Wi-Fi Direct Mobile Mouse

Εγχειρίδιο HP Wi-Fi Direct Mobile Mouse

  • HP Wi-Fi Direct Mobile Mouse Frequently Asked Questions
    System Requirements
    Question: Will the HP Wi-Fi Mobile Mouse work on operating systems other than Windows 7 (in older
    versions of Windows, Linux, etc)?
    Answer: No, the Wi-Fi mouse requires the “SoftAP” feature built into Windows 7 to work, so older
    versions of Windows (XP, Vista, etc) or non-Windows environments are not supported.
    Question: Why does my HP Wi-Fi Mobile Mouse not work with my “HP QuickWeb” feature?
    Answer: The HP QuickWeb function runs in a Linux environment (not Windows). Currently the HP Wi-Fi
    Mobile Mouse does not support Linux.
    Paring the HP Wi-Fi Mobile Mouse
    Question: Do I need to install software in order to use my HP Wi-Fi Mobile Mouse?
    Answer: Yes, in order for the PC and mouse to communicate over 802.11 wireless, the PC and mouse
    must be “paired” together. In order to pair the mouse, you must first install the included software. At
    the end of the software installation, your PC will lead you through the pairing process automatically. If
    you need to pair the mouse after the software installation, click the “Pairing Wizard” button on the
    mouse control center (click “Configure” on the first control center screen).
    Wi-Fi Adapters
    Question: What does it mean when it says that I need to have a “Windows 7 certified Wi-Fi Adapter”?
    Answer: Some older Wi-Fi adapters came out before Windows 7, and may not properly support the
    “SoftAP” function in Windows 7 (SoftAP is a software module built into Windows 7). If the Wi-Fi adapter
    is not certified for use in Windows 7, it may not properly support SoftAP, which can then cause
    problems when pairing with the HP Wi-Fi Mobile Mouse. Please make sure that your Wi-Fi adapter is
    designed and certified for use in Windows 7.

Έχετε κάποια ερώτηση σχετικά με HP Wi-Fi Direct Mobile Mouse;

Υποβάλετε το ερώτημά σας σχετικά με το HP Wi-Fi Direct Mobile Mouse εδώ με απλό τρόπο σε άλλους κατόχους του προϊόντος. Περιγράψτε ξεκάθαρα και αναλυτικά το πρόβλημα και την ερώτησή σας. Όσο καλύτερη είναι η περιγραφή του προβλήματος και της ερώτησής σας, τόσο πιο εύκολο είναι για τους άλλους κατόχους του HP Wi-Fi Direct Mobile Mouse να σας παράσχουν μια καλή απάντηση.

Κάντε προβολή εδώ του δωρεάν εγχειριδίου HP Wi-Fi Direct Mobile Mouse. Έχετε διαβάσει το εγχειρίδιο, αλλά δεν απαντά στην ερώτησή σας; Τότε, υποβάλετε το ερώτημά σας σε αυτήν τη σελίδα σε άλλους κατόχους HP Wi-Fi Direct Mobile Mouse.