InFocus SP-LAMP-083

Εγχειρίδιο InFocus SP-LAMP-083

  • Lamp Module Replacement Instructions: SP-LAMP-083
    1. Turn off the projector and unplug the power cord.
    2. Wait 60 minutes to allow the projector and lamp to cool
    3. Remove the lamp door, located on top of the projector, by
    removing the screw on the left side of the lamp door,
    sliding the door to the left and lifting the lamp door off.
    4. Loosen the captive screws that attach the lamp housing to
    the projector.
    NOTE: If the projector is installed on a ceiling mount, be
    careful not to drop the lamp module once the captive
    screws are loosened.
    5. Carefully lift the lamp straight up, off of the alignment pins;
    being careful not to pinch the lamp connector. Dispose of
    the lamp in an environmentally proper manner.
    6. Install the new lamp module, aligning the pins properly. Be
    careful not to pinch the lamp connector.
    7. Tighten the screws. (NOTE: If the pins have not been
    aligned properly, the screws will not tighten securely.)
    8. Replace the lamp door by reversing Step 3 and locking it
    back into place.
    9. Replace the lamp door screw and tighten securely.
    10. Plug in the power cord and press the Power button to turn
    the projector back on.
    11. To reset the lamp hour timer, navigate to the Advanced
    Menu > Status/Service menu and select Reset Lamp
    Always use the InFocus lamp module designed for your projector model. Using the wrong lamp module may cause premature lamp failure and possible
    damage to the projector.
    SP-LAMP-083 – Used in IN122ST, IN124ST, IN126ST
    You can order new lamps from (in select areas), your retailer or your dealer. Only genuine InFocus lamps are tested for use in this
    projector. Use of non InFocus lamps may cause electrical shock and fire, and may void the projector warranty. InFocus is not liable for the performance,
    safety or certification of any other lamps.
    The projector uses a high-pressure mercury glass lamp. The lamp may fail prematurely, or it may rupture with a popping sound if jolted, scratched, or
    handled while hot. The risk of lamp failure or rupture also increases as the lamp age increases; please replace the lamp when you see the “Replace
    Lamp” message.
    To avoid burns, allow the projector to cool for at least 60 minutes before you replace the lamp.
    Unplug the power cord before replacing the lamp.
    Do not drop the lamp module. The glass may shatter and cause injury.
    Do not touch the glass surface of the lamp module. Fingerprints can obscure projection sharpness and may cause the glass to shatter.
    Be extremely careful when removing the lamp module. In the unlikely event that the lamp ruptures, small glass fragments may be generated. The lamp
    module is designed to contain most of these fragments, but use caution when removing it.
    Before replacing a ruptured lamp, clean the lamp compartment and dispose of cleaning materials. Wash hands after lamp replacement.
    When replacing the lamp while the projector is ceiling-mounted, wear protective eyewear to prevent eye injury.
    Hg-Lamp contains mercury. Manage with accordance with local disposal laws. See
    Basic Menu
    Source Info...
    Projector Info...
    Reset Lamp Hours...
    Factory Reset...
    Service Code...
    ( Advanced Menu )
    MDL: IN112
    FW: 0.13
InFocus SP-LAMP-083

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InFocus SP-LAMP-083 προδιαγραφές

Μάρκα InFocus
Μοντέλο SP-LAMP-083
Προϊόν Αξεσουάρ για προτζέκτορα
EAN 797212967954
Γλώσσα Engels
Τύπος αρχείου PDF
Ισχύς λαμπτύρα 230 W
Διάρκεια ζωής του λαμπτήρα 3500 h
Διάρκεια ζωής λαμπτήρα (οικονομική λειτουργία) 5000 h
Συμβατότητα μάρκα Infocus
Συμβατότητα IN122ST, IN124ST, IN126ST
Πακέτα δεδομένων
Διαστάσεις πακέτου (ΠxΒxΥ) 150 x 150 x 120 mm
Βάρος πακέτου 340 g