Iomega SuperSlim

Εγχειρίδιο Iomega SuperSlim

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    1. Please read these safety instructions carefully.
    2. Please keep this User’s Manual for your reference.
    3. Please disconnect the equipment from your AC outlet before cleaning.
    Do not use liquid or sprayed detergent for cleaning.
    Use moist sheet or cloth for cleaning.
    4. For pluggable equipment, the socket-outlet shall be installed near the equipment and
    shall be easily accessible.
    5. Please keep this equipment away from humid areas.
    6. Install this equipment on a reliable surface. If the equipment is not on a reliable surface,
    it may drop and cause injury.
    7. The openings on the enclosure are for air convection. Please protect the equipment from
    overheating . DO NOT COVER THE OPENINGS.
    8. Make sure the voltage of the power source is appropriate when connecting the
    equipment to the power outlet.
    9. Place the power cord where people will not step or trip on it. Do not place objects over
    the power cord.
    10. All Cautions and Warnings on the equipment should be noted.
    11. If the equipment is not in use for several days, disconnect the equipment from the power
    outlets to avoid damage by transient power surges.
    12. Never pour any liquids into the openings, this could cause fire or electrical shock.
    13. Never open the equipment. For safety reasons, the equipment should only be opened by
    qualified service personnel.
    14. If one of the following situations arises, get the equipment checked by a qualified
    service personnel:
    (a) The power cord or plug is damaged.
    (b) Liquid has penetrated into the equipment.
    (c) The equipment has been exposed to moisture.
    (d) The equipment has not worked well or you can not get it to work according to the
    user’s manual.
    (e) The equipment was dropped and damaged.
    (f) If the equipment has obvious signs of damage.
    EQUIPMENT. The sound pressure level at the operators position according to IEC704-
    1:1982 is equal or less than 70dB(A)
    16. DANGER: Invisible laser radiation when opened. Avoid direct exposure to beam.
    Complies with FDA radiation performance standards,21 CFR, subchapter J.
    Laser power: Wave Length: 783±3nm (CD); 658±3nm (DVD)
    Emission power:0.7mW
    Laser diode: class 3b
Iomega SuperSlim

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