Ninja OP500UK

Εγχειρίδιο Ninja OP500UK

  • Meet our most versatile Ninja
    Foodi® accessory,
    the 2 Tier Reversible Rack
    Get the most out of your 2 Tier Reversible Rack
    Higher Position
    Grill chicken, steak, seafood
    and more.
    Lower Position
    Steam vegetables and sides.
    Full Assembly
    Increase capacity to cook up
    to 8 chicken breasts or salmon
    fillets at once.
    Create deluxe 360 meals by
    placing proteins on the top layer,
    sides on the lower layer, and
    grains on the bottom of the pot.
    For best results, use the
    top layer for crisping,
    lower layer for oven
    roasting, and bottom of the
    pot for wetter ingredients.
    When air crisping 2 layers,
    allow 5–15 minutes for the
    lower layer to crisp before
    adding the top layer.
    2 Tier Reversible Rack Usage
    2 Tier Reversible Rack Assembly
    1. Place the Reversible Rack in the
    pot in the lower position.
    2. Drop top layer through
    reversible rack handles.
    3. Top layer will fit securely
    into handle slots.
    For more accessories, visit
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    Basket Assembly, Hints & Tips
    1. Place diffuser on a flat surface. 2. Place basket on diffuser. 3. Press down firmly.
    Cook & Crisp
    Basket Assembly
    Time to pressure will vary based on quantity
    and temperature of ingredients, along with
    selected pressure level, and can take up to
    20 minutes.
    Natural release is used for large or delicate foods
    and any starchy ingredients.
    Quick release is used for smaller foods or
    ingredients that are sensitive to overcooking.
    DO NOT quick release pressure when cooking
    starchy or foamy foods. To quick release the
    pressure, turn the Pressure Release Valve to the
    VENT position and allow pressure to release
    until the float valve drops
    Note: Steam exits from the top of the Pressure Release
    Valve. DO NOT reach over the valve.
    If the unit is not coming to pressure, check
    that the silicone ring is fully installed by
    pressing it into place all around the metal
    ring rack. (See image below.)
    UP TO
    Pressure Cooking Tips
    Helpful Hints
    To convert oven recipes, use the
    Bake/Roast function and reduce
    the cook temperature by 5°C.
    Any liquid can be used for pressure
    cooking. Use broths or sauces
    instead of water to infuse additional
    flavour. Always use a minimum of
    250ml of liquid. Depending on your
    recipe, you may need up to 750ml.
    When switching from the
    pressure lid to the crisping lid
    after pressure cooking, empty
    the pot of any remaining liquid
    for best crisping results.
    Now, let’s get cooking
    Go to for how-to-videos
    Please make sure to read the enclosed Ninja® Instructions prior to using your unit.
    Lets get cooking
    & crisping
    First time pressure cooking?
    Try this water test to practice using pressure.
    Install Pressure Lid by aligning the arrows
    on the lid and base, then turning clockwise
    until lid clicks into place.
    Pressure Lid is locked when it has clicked
    into place and the Ninja logo is facing you.
    Add 750ml water
    to cooking pot.
    Use the START/STOP dial
    to select PRESSURE. Press
    TEMP and set to HI. Press
    TIME and set to 2 minutes.
    Press START/STOP button
    to begin.
    The display showing PRE and
    some steam release indicate
    pressure is building. When
    fully pressurised, countdown
    will begin.
    When your Foo
    and the display reads
    DONE, turn valve to
    VENT for quick release.
    Note: Valve will be loose
    when fully installed.
    Note: Valve will be loose
    when fully installed.
    Turn Pressure Release
    Valve to SEAL.
    Why are there 2 lids?
    We’re glad you asked. The 2-lid
    design allows you to pressure cook
    and crisp in the same pot.
    Use both lids to unlock a world
    of delicious, TenderCrisp meals.
    Sear/SautéPressure Cook
    Slow Cook
    Air Crisp
    “No Lid”
    Note: For easier cleaning, coat the rack
    with cooking spray before placing food.
    Note: Place ingredients on the lower
    layer before adding the top layer.
    The pressure cooker
    that crisps
Ninja OP500UK

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Μάρκα Ninja
Μοντέλο OP500UK
Προϊόν Πολυμάγειρας
EAN 0622356233422
Γλώσσα Αγγλικά
Τύπος αρχείου PDF
Χωρητικότητα 7.5L
Ισχύς 1760W
ποσότητα αυτόματων προγραμμάτων 9
Κουμπί παύσης/ακύρωσης
Χρώμα προϊόντος Μαύρος (Μαύρο)
Αντικολλητική επίστρωση
Ενσωματωμένη οθόνη
Αντιολισθητικά πέλματα
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εύκολο στον καθαρισμό
Μέρη πλυντηρίου πιάτων
Αποθήκευση καλωδίου -
Λαβή(ες) μεταφοράς
Τύπος ανοίγματος καπακιού Εγχειρίδιο
Διαχείρηση ενέργειας
Μήκος καλωδίου 0.8m
Βάρος και διαστάσεις
Πλάτος 420mm
Βάθος 380mm
Ύψος 350mm
Βάρος 11300g
Λειτουργίες και προγράμματα μαγειρέματος
συμβατικό μαγείρεμα -
Μαγείρεμα με ατμό
Λειτουργία τηγανίσματος
Λειτουργία ψησίματος
λειτουργία αναθέρμανσης
Λειτουργία βρασμού -
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