Philips SlimShell Grafik

Εγχειρίδιο Philips SlimShell Grafik

  • Philips
    SlimShell Grafik
    for iPhone 3G and 3GS
    Protect your iPhone in style
    in a hard case with graphical pattern
    Sleek and streamlined, SlimShell surrounds your iPhone in tough protection with
    personality. Easily add a strong yet lightweight layer of protection and style without adding
    bulk. Use the included Surface Shield for added screen protection.
    Strong protection
    Hard-shell polycarbonate case for strong protection
    Quick and easy protection in an instant
    Fashionable and fun
    Patterned case shows your unique style
    Convenient access
    Access to all controls and dock connector
    Access to iPhone side controls and camera
    Screen protection
    Surface Shield screen protector included
Philips SlimShell Grafik

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